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The One Tribe Shamanic Clinic, be that in Palmyra Western Australia or through our online healings, offers a sanctuary to turn within and address what really matters inside. You will be held, loved and given space to unravel and reforge yourself in the fire of transformation. This may be a single healing but it is more often a healing journey of several steps. To get to the root of an issue and be firm in holding that in the world can take time, commitment and support. One Tribe shamanic practitioners are honoured to walk with you on your healing journey.

The One Tribe shamanic clinic is located in the Fremantle Trotting building which is next to the Westpac bank which is on the corner or Petra and Hammad Street. The address is 1/68 Petra Street in Palmyra Western Australia .

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One Tribe shamanic practitioners specialise in the following areas:

  • Childhood trauma affecting your adult life
  • Rebalancing and regulating your nervous system
  • Mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Stress, anxiety, depression and fear
  • Reconnecting you to your higher purpose and calling
  • Grief and loss
  • Emotional heartache and pain
  • Feeling ungrounded, confused and lost
  • Addressing unhealthy energetic blocks, beliefs and attachments across the ages
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Spiritual crisis and awakenings
  • Supporting you to reach your potential

How can One Tribe shamanic healing help me?

At One Tribe we know, at your core, you are well. You are whole. Your inner light, divinity and wellness are totally intact. It can just get masked by the impressions made over lifetimes.

We are the creators of our life through the conscious and subconscious belief systems we hold about it and ourselves. These can be passed through our family line, childhood experiences and even from past lives. All of these beliefs carry with them energetic blueprints and codes of information. These are all trackable and traceable. Your life and how it is, is not a mystery. It is all a direct result of the energetic coding that makes up your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

Your One Tribe Shamanic Practitioner, with your permission, can read this information and share it with you. From there you can make clear decisions on how you want to change these beliefs and energetic codes that form your life. You get the opportunity to consciously move toward your highest expression in this world, leaving behind what does not serve you and powerfully choosing what does.

Why trust a One Tribe shamanic healing accredited practitioner?

Why trust a One Tribe shamanic healing accredited practitioner?

Integrity. One Tribe practitioners are called to serve you. Through serving you they realise their own purpose and deep connection to themselves and all that is. They must live morally and maintain the standards and skills taught to them through their training and accreditation. It is not easy to walk this path and be ready to serve another. It requires constant self-healing, dedication and purity of being. We guarantee that your One Tribe shamanic practitioner upholds the standards we expect of them and if your experience ever questions their integrity, please contact us immediately.

Philosophy of Shamanic Healing with One Tribe


My shamanic healing sessions have been profoundly transformative experiences. As a survivor of complex childhood trauma, I have been on a journey of healing for all my adult life. I have tried many different healing methods and working with One Tribe has been the most effective by far. I felt utterly safe and held as I have delved into the dark places and shifted long held pain. After these powerful sessions I felt lighter, more alive and free.

My practitioner was so very patient with me, I felt deeply listened to and held (in an energetic sense). I felt huge shifts, reverberating forever more. After a lengthy time together via zoom from the comfort of my house with my dogs close by, it was phenomenal! Thank you for your patience and gift it truly appreciated.

I have been receiving shamanic healings for 6 months and through this experience, I have deepened my connection to my intuition, as well as my spiritual connections. In these sessions, I felt incredibly safe to express what I was feeling and what I was having challenges with in my life. I have been able to work through deep emotional and energetic layers and shift into more alignment within myself. I feel incredibly grateful and I look forward to receiving more shamanic healings in the future, as I continue to deepen my connection to self, on my spiritual journey.

Everyone that I have met at One Tribe have given of themselves with love and kindness. The support is truely wonderful. They are the gift that keeps giving.

I had wanted to experience a shamanic healing as I’ve been particularly drawn to the elements and sound and felt this modality would be insightful and supportive. I came into the session curious and open but wasn’t clear on what I wanted to “work” on. I had a few possible focus areas, which were clarified with the practitioner in the initial phase – some I hadn’t expected to come up but was supported by their guidance. I gained some really potent insights that I’m carrying forward with me into the months ahead, and things have been flowing a lot more since – particularly my creativity. Thank you!

I’ve had many healing/therapy sessions in the past, and this one far exceeded my expectations. It literally covered every base I could think of. It felt very holistic indeed. I’m definitely keen to do more sessions in the future!

My practitioner was so very patient with me, I felt deeply listened to and held (in an energetic sense). I felt huge shifts, reverberating forever more. After a lengthy time together via zoom from the comfort of my house with my dogs close by, it was phenomenal! Thank you for your patience and gift it truly appreciated.

I had not experienced a shamanic healing before. I had only read a little about them. The session helped me speak about things I hadn’t spoken to anyone about before. It made me see things in a different perspective and I am very grateful for the enlightening words and healing. I feel like a weight has lifted and a deeper calm and trust has replaced it.

After my session, I feel like a massive load has been removed from my back. The baggage that I have been carrying around for years has been removed, and I am free to proceed in my life unencumbered. I can see that the quality of relationships with those close to me will be improved tremendously by the healing I have received. I couldn’t recommend One Tribe highly enough!

From the moment I arrived I felt extremely welcome and comfortable. I was excited to be there, although I wasn’t really sure what my intention was. However, I was able to form it clearer after a brief conversation.

There were moments during my session where I felt quite stuck, but my practitioner was right there with me, reassuring me and helping me to shift the energy. I was really touched by having my great grandmother come through as I have never met her, nor can recall ever having any conversations with either my mother or grandmother about her. So, it was quite comforting to know that she is supporting me.

I felt really good about seeing myself and what I’ll be doing in the near future, even though I found this part of the process quite challenging. Marie was extremely supportive and patient with me. Thank you so much. It was really reassuring to know that you are happy to be there for me if anything comes up or I need to clarify over the next few weeks. You made me feel very supported.

A beautiful healing, in a calm safe place with a perceptive and supportive healer.

My first ever Shamanic healing so not sure what to expect. My practitioner calmly guided me through the steps to release a blockage I had been carrying since childhood. I didn’t expect the sound bowl and her beautiful vocal toning, what a bonus. Thank One-Tribe.

How to choose a One Tribe shamanic practitioner?

Trust. Trust your instincts about who is the best practitioner for you. All of them have been through their own deep healing journeys preparing them to serve your unique situation. All shamanic practitioners have completed the rigorous One Tribe shamanic training and have professional indemnity insurance. Click on the practitioners below to see their personal healing journey to feel into which is the right one for you. To book simply call the number on their profile.

If you would like support in finding your practitioner text Mark with your request (he will contact you as soon as he is able or pass on your details if he is leading a shamanic training or healing retreat for a number of days). His number is 0410 524 281.

Client intake days

During our client intake days we have three practitioners tuning into your specific situation to get a diagnosis and develop a healing plan for you. Mark is often too busy teaching to do 1 on 1 healings but likes to make sure he is present during these intake days.

The next client intake sessions are:

  • Wednesday 26th June 2024 (12-2pm Perth time)
  • Wednesday 26th June 2024 (6-8pm Perth time)
  • Thursday 27th June 2024 (12-2pm Perth time)
  • Thursday 27th June 2024 (6-8pm Perth time)
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What actually happens during a shamanic healing?

Shamanic healings are a safe way to transition from one state of being to another.

  • They begin with an interview process (10-15 minutes) where your intention is discussed and
    background to your situation is shared. It is important that you and your practitioner are
    clear on what you want to address in your session/s and it is important to think about this
    before you come.
  • The body of the healing goes for 1 to 1.5 hours. You will usually start with a shamanic
    diagnosis. This is where you give your consent for the practitioner to be given mental,
    emotional, physical and spiritual information about the root cause of your specific situation.
    Be open to this being different than what you expect. The current situations and issues we
    face usually have their root cause in the past which may even span over lifetimes. These
    often lie buried deep in our subconscious, hidden from obvious view, until a light is shone
    upon it.
  • Shifting energy not just talking about it. The form of the healing and techniques used vary
    with each session. They often involve breaking old unhealthy energetic connections and
    contracts, releasing energy that is not yours from childhood and reclaiming energy that is.
    Past lives may be addressed, energetic attachments released and the inner child supported
    and worked with to name but a few common processes used. The practitioner may use
    various tools including toning, breath, affirmations, guided visualisations, crystals, touch,
    rattles, healing bowls etc. The form of the healing is less important than the releases that go
    with them. You will be actively participating in releasing and reclaiming your freedom, power
    and health.
  • At the end of your session (5-10 minutes), you will recap the major points covered, be given
    suggestions for integrating your healing and any next steps in terms of follow up sessions if
    required that may support your growth.

Different types of sessions offered in the clinic

Each shamanic healing session goes for a duration of 1.5 hours.

Two on One Sessions

Having two shamanic practitioners work on you at once can exponentially expand the potency of the work. The One Tribe practitioners are trained to work in groups and we have found these to be incredibly powerful and effective. Having two practitioners pulsing the healing energy together can speed up the ground that can be covered in a session and with the extra support can often dive deeper into it. Practitioners are often guided to work on different things with different specialities which can round out the healing as well. We strongly recommend you consider this type of session if you feel ready to dive deep into your personal intention. If you want to book in a 2 on 1 healing contact Mandy on 0420 864 246 or email info@onetribehealing.com.au to organise times and practitioners. These can be done either live at the clinic in Palmyra or online from anywhere in the world.


When you book in with your practitioner they will arrange payment with you prior to your session.

  • 2:1 shamanic healing session
  • $220
  • 1:1 shamanic healing session
  • Senior Practitioner: $180
    Teacher: $220
Two on two treatment session

How do online healings work?

Exactly the same as in person ones!

From our extensive experience we have found online healings to be just as powerful as in person ones. Step into your session with confidence, trust and a strong intention for a big shift. The only real difference is it will be in the convenience of your own home or whatever space you choose to do the healing from. The healings will all be done online via zoom. All you need is either a computer or a mobile phone.

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How can I prepare for the healing?

First and foremost, have a very clear intention for the healing and what you want to get out of it as this will drive the session. You may have some ideas on what are the energetic blocks that are creating the mental, emotional and physical situations in your life. It is common that the problem feels like it is out there – with another person or external situation. We know from healing work that everything outside is a reflection of the energy within us. This means we can change our external world and experience of life by changing the patterns, beliefs and energy inside of us. The outside characters and situations in our life are usually just a trigger for something that is ALREADY within us. These triggers often go back to our childhood or even beyond that to past lives. The practitioner will be given information about the root causes of your current situation which may be very different to what you expect. The main thing is to be open, curious and trust as the process organically unfolds.

You are in full control during the healing. Nothing can shift or clear without your express and willing consent. This means it is very important to be as open as you can be. Let the practitioner know if you are closing down, contracting or resisting. If you energetically shut down it makes it very difficult to access the information contained within you to support your journey. Your practitioner is trained to manage this as it is common during deep healing work, but if you can consciously be open during the work it will flow much more smoothly and you will cover more ground during the session.

Integration after the session

Thankfully, the last place to manifest an emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance is within the body. That also means the last place for this energy to leave is physically. As a result, there is often an integration process after a deep healing that can be a bit unsettling as the energy continues to release and clear. This is normal and natural. To support the process drink lots of water to flush the toxins out of the body. Use self-care to support you – rest, a warm bath, the beach, nature, good healthy food, gentle exercise etc. Avoid alcohol and drugs yet continue your medication as prescribed by your health practitioner. If this process gets uncomfortable contact your shamanic practitioner ASAP. You will have been given their email address and you can ask if they are comfortable to share phone numbers to support the integration if needed.

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